Yeah, I did a little dance party all the way from the mailbox to the house when my new cover for Dwell Magazine arrived. No shame. I photographed the Brogan home and family last September in the beautiful Door County, Wisconsin. It was a wonderful shoot with wonderful people and wonderful food and everything was absolutely wonderful! This brings my record to two for two on Dwell covers. And while I love all my children equally, I like this cover more than my first.

ESPN the Magazine said hey Narayan, how would you like go up to northern Wisconsin in the dead of winter to shoot this really great baseball story. I looked at the weather forecast and it was going to be a balmy -5 and thought, well how about Spring Training in Arizona? So I said Hell Yeah! And I hung out with the jovial Mike Jirschele for a couple of days with learned about George Brett shitting his pants. I also took some photos and even shot this video-

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